🏡 Tips & Tricks For a Trendy & Fashionable Home 🏡

Whether you’re fixing up your house to sell or just making some changes to your current place, keeping up with interior design trends can be a bit overwhelming. While there are tons of magazines, websites, and social channels where you can get inspiration, sometimes it’s easier to pick one or two things to try out.

Here’s a few tips & tricks to help get your home looking trendy & fashionable:


1. Sustainability

People are no longer only concerned with whether something looks good; they want to feel good knowing they made ethical, sustainable choices with their purchases and brand support.

A great way to start is by choosing home décor pieces made from natural and renewable materials. It’s also important to research who you’re buying from; choosing to support companies that are committed to sustainability is a huge step in the right direction.

Look out for vintage or upcycled décor items. You’ll be helping to keep perfectly stylish, vintage pieces out of the landfill and avoiding any potentially non-sustainable production practices.


2. Multifunctional Spaces

More than ever before, people are working from home, taking staycations, participating in online education, and more. But how does this impact the design of your house?

By doing more – like exercising or taking conference calls – at home, people have turned to more multifunctional spaces throughout their houses. An extra bedroom that only served as a guest room for the occasional visitor may now have a desk and virtual working space, pulling double duty as a home office. The kids’ playroom may now share space with a treadmill and yoga matt.

Try putting up a few book cases and a cozy armchair in the guest room or dining room to create a restful, functional library space with minimal square foot usage.

3. Bold Patterns and colors

You know what they say – all trends come back around. Well, for 70’s and 80’s home décor, that time is now. Instead of the neutrals and subtleties of the past decade, we are seeing more frequent uses of bright colors, textured upholstery, and eye-catching patterns.

Mimi Meacham of Marian Louise Designs says "Utilizing colorful printed fabrics, custom upholstered sofas, chairs, and window treatments will be fun, fierce, and another way to bring personality into the space.”

So put away those beiges and grays and make room for some fun and unique patterns and color schemes.



Asking yourself which changes will be the most impactful, and which styles speak to you are both important questions when making interior design changes. But no matter what trends you do (or don’t) decide to follow, as long as you’re doing what feels best for your home and lifestyle then you’re sure to create a space that’s beautiful, both inside and out.


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