Housewarming 101

There are lots of fun things that come along with buying a new home. From meeting new neighbors to flexing your interior design muscles to finally unpacking that last box, it seems like every day there is something new and exciting going on. One of the best parts of moving in somewhere new is showing it off to your friends and family – and a housewarming party is definitely the most fun way to do that!


But how do you make sure you’re throwing a great housewarming party? Check out these tips and ideas for making the first bash in your new place one for the books.



1- The Theme is The Thing

The easiest way to make party-planning a breeze is to start off strong with a good theme. The theme will help inform all other party decisions – from food and drinks to music and decorations. Having one coherent theme makes all of those choices a lot easier as you scour the internet and party aisles looking for the right supplies. Try something fun and casual like a Luau or a Wine and Cheese tasting if you’re looking for something more sophisticated.

2 - It's All Fun & Games

Having an activity to do is a major key for any successful party. It keeps your guests from getting bored and helps make it easy for everyone to get to know each other. A game or activity can also help everyone see the different areas of your new home without you having to give the same tour over and over again (& miss out on your own party while doing so!). A few popular options:

Scavenger Hunt – have guests hunt for clues around your house that lead to a final prize! Just make sure to lock any rooms you wouldn’t want them exploring or indicate “No Hunt Zones” with a sign on the door.

Keep Your Key – when each guest enters, give them a key sticker. Pick an “off-limits” word, such as “home” or “house”. If someone gets caught using the word, whoever caught them gets to take their key. The person with the most keys at the end of the night wins a prize!

Board Game Bonanza – Don’t have time (or energy) to learn a new game? That’s okay! Just set up a few quick & classic board games throughout your home. Chutes & Ladders, Battleship, and Checkers are all great options. Nobody has to learn any new rules, but still gives your guests something to do while conversing about how amazing your new place is.

 3 - The Way to the Heart is through the Stomach

Nothing makes a party better than having great food and drink options. This is also the perfect time to double-down on your evening’s theme. Having a Fiesta? Tacos and margaritas are an absolute must. Or pull out those hotdogs and pretzels for a daytime Tailgate-themed get-together. Even if you’re not much of a cook, most grocery stores have a good selection of party platters to choose from without breaking the bank on restaurant catering. Just make sure to include alternative options for any vegetarian, gluten-free, or otherwise diet-specific friends.

Beverage-wise, having a decent selection of beer and wine is usually the easiest and safest bet. Or if your group isn’t big on drinking, make sure to have a few options of different soft drinks, such as sodas, teas, or lemonades to choose from. You can also have a specialty “mocktail” to make the event feel extra special. Try muddling some cucumber along with lime juice and simple syrup, then topped with sparkling water for a non-alcoholic treat that will keep your guests cool and refreshed.


Have FUN!

When hosting a housewarming party, the most important thing to remember is HAVE FUN! The stress of moving coupled with wanting to throw the perfect bash can make hosting a fabulous housewarming party seem impossible. But at the end of the day, your guests are there to see you and celebrate your big life milestone of moving into a new place. So take a deep breath, put on your party hat, & enjoy!


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